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Where is BarreWell Located?

Located in the back corner of the Plaza Del Lago on Lake Mission Viejo, our beautiful studio is a little hidden, but well worth the walk upstairs to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Mission Viejo during your 1-hour a day of me-time. Near Domenico's, and above A Hidden Vine, BarreWell is the hidden gem of fitness in South Orange County

How Do I Book A Class?

If you haven’t already, download our app BARREWELL FITNESS STUDIO

  • 1) Use existing WELLNESS LIVING login or create new login

  • 2) Complete profile if not already done (including billing information)

  • 3) Hold yourself accountable as you start to schedule your classes

What Is Barre?

Our signature barre class takes the very best elements of every workout you have ever tried and fuses them together into a fun, effective, dynamic one-hour class. Take the control and balance of ballet, the fine-tuning exercises of Pilates, the calorie-torching effects of cardio, and melt them together into a class that will have you burning, shaking, and totally addicted. Wear grip socks for this class!

What Should I Expect for Barre?

TIME Please arrive 15 minutes early complete paperwork, settle in and chat with your instructor.

WEAR Wear something comfortable that allows you to move. Athletic pants and tank top/fitted shirt work great. Fitted clothing works best so that your instructor can watch your form

throughout class. *Tennis shoes for TRX, Bounce and Cardio Dance

SOCKS We require grip socks for safety in all Barre Burn classes. Don’t own a pair? Don’t worry, we sell them in studio.

INFORM Take the time to mention any injuries or limitations to your instructor. Our team is not only inspiring but extremely knowledgeable about the body, nutrition, rehabilitation and pre/post-natal modifications to help you modify in your group class.

Are There Different Levels of Difficulty?

Our classes are designed for everyone at any level.  Our instructors will offer modifications or advancements throughout each class regardless of format based on participant needs. If you prefer not to be physically adjusted, inform your instructor at the beginning of class. Our verbal and physical cues are used to ensure safe and proper form. 

What Should I Expect When Rebounding?

Yes, many of us are moms too!  Don’t worry, rebounding not only builds muscles, improves endurance, stimulate lymphatic system but it helps to strengthen the pelvic floor.   

What Should I Wear?

Wear comfortable athletic clothing - yoga pants or leggings.  

Barre – Grip socks required (we sell them in studio if needed)

TRX and HIIT – Shoes required

Cardio Dance and Bounce + Sculpt – Shoes recommended 

RIDE - Cycling shoes required *rental shoes are available 

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

Please bring your our grip socks, water, mat and mat towel. We have mat towel, grip socks or RIDE shoes for rental if needed. We also have a water filtration system.

How Often Should I Come to Class?

We recommend coming to at least 3 classes per week. We have so much variety on the schedule that you could come 7 days a week and find something different every day. Recovery is crucial.  So whether it is taking Yamuna or taking a “rest day when needed, not only will you start seeing results both mentally and physically.

Can I Take A Barre Class If I Am Pregnant?

Yes!! With approval from your doctor, all of our Barre Burn classes are great to help you throughout your pregnancy.  Please let you instructor know of your baby on board before class and she will offer you some modifications. 

What If I Need to Cancel A Class I Have Signed Up For?

If you late cancel (6 hours before your scheduled class) or no-show, you will be charged a late cancel/no-show fee of $10. If you are on class packages, you will not be charged a $10 fee but will lose your class. If you are having difficulty canceling your scheduled class, text (949) 338-8844. Many of our classes have limited availability so please respect your fellow members by giving up your reserved spot.

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