Vivyana Jordan -McGeough

Before pursuing her academic career and receiving her Masters in Child Development, Vivyana’s forever passion has been dance. She has trained at studios in Orange County and was a member of her high school varsity song team competing nationally. It is her energy and love for her side craft that gave her the opportunity to be a parade dancer at Disneyland Resort/Disney California Adventure for more than 5 years. During this time she was a dance instructor for after school programs in Orange County and San Diego. Now you can find “Miss Viv” in the classroom inspiring young minds. Although, her competitive/performing dance years are over, Viv’s energy remains. She has been to multiple barre studios in Orange County but it is at Barrewell she feels at home. She was introduced to Barrewell from Ms. Kristen and began as a receptionist in 2017. Vivyana immediately felt the positive community Barrewell exuded through every member she checked in. Now the energizer bunny herself can be found on the trampoline always bringing the bounce with new beats and heavy weights (off the trampoline).

“Barrewell is a safe haven. Barrewell does not only challenge your mind and body to a special repertoire and physical challenges, but support your mental health. It is here where you are surrounded by clients who become friends and family”