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Shila Beltran

Shila found her love for dance when she was little. She started in gymnastics then moved around from lyrical, hip-hop, and jazz, to her current passion for classical ballet. She had also been studying a musical theatre education in high school.


Through finding an interest in health and fitness, she wanted a community like she had with dance and theatre, and found Barrewell. Shila had been a client at barrewell for 3 years before realizing she wanted to be a part of the team. With her love for the stage, she try’s her best to make her classes full of technique, art, and fun. 


“Barrewell is a safe haven. Barrewell does not only challenge your mind and body to a special repertoire and physical challenges, but support your mental health. It is here where you are surrounded by clients who become friends and family”

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